How to get on with the program when time is not your best friend half of the time?

It has been ages since my last post. Since then I have completed an additional four batik paintings. I still have a lot more to go from the same series and still working on another series as well for a group exhibition happening in September this year.

Even though this Covid-19 lockdown period has been very productive (by far) for me, I still feel very unsettled, angry even that it is still not over. Angry that kids can’t go to school. Angry that we have to restart our wedding planning. Angry that I can’t get fully productive like how I really want to, everyday. But that is just not possible, esp when family obligations are in the way. Hours spent in the studio is minimal. Progress on work is minimal too and it does get frustrating when you don’t see much progress on your canvas after it’s been sitting on the easel for a week. And that makes me wonder, when will I actually finish this ?? Most definitely not by the end of this week and if I am super lucky – next week perhaps?

Orichicks, Oil on Canvas, 12″ x 12″

You see, before I start a painting, I like to take a calculated guess at how long it will take me to finish (and I try to stick to the schedule as best as I could) before I continue on my new piece and so on to keep the momentum going. I literally have a line up, and they’re all like the victims of most businesses that are being halted, day by day and that turns into week, and Now, I am officially one week behind on my current piece. So what I can do? Be like every other person that says, oh well..and move on? or be true and stick to my principle and say, please do not disturb?

Oriphant, Oil on Canvas, 24″ x 24″

This is why I prefer to stay at home as much as much as I could. In my opinion, I am already getting my deserving break everyday “out of the studio” when I do house chores or running errands, and spending time with my kid. I can’t find enough justification as to why I need to get out of the house unnecessary to get MORE breaks when my time spent in the studio has already been cut in half.

Oripig, Oil on Canvas, 18″ x 24″

My point is I guess, I really like my own company and I enjoy my time working in the studio undisturbed and my work is important to me and Yes, I have a deadline to meet as well. And that’s the only thing that kicks everything up in high gear and stressing me out at the same time. And I take my work very seriously.

It’s funny how we have all the time in the world during this lock down and yet, I am struggling to find enough time to stay in the studio and be mad productive.

Origiraf, Oil on Canvas, 28.34″ x 37.8″

SO, I need 2 whole months of alone time to get back on track. A whole month to just get back the time I’ve lost and another playing catch up. And the only breaks I need are cigarette breaks, coffee breaks, eat and sleep with a dash of personal hygiene.

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