Anytime Is A Good Time To Start Something

*Before I begin, I have to disclose something of importance… I am far from being a writer. I have plenty of writer friends and I have witnessed their flair and magic. Mine does not even come close. I live and breathe paintings and the whole works, but writing is not one of them. I admit, it is one of my weaknesses. BUT, I will try my best to write as best as I could – as minimal “grammarly” mistakes as possible. You’ve been warned, okay?

The deciding factor that made me jump on this blogging band wagon was the fact that I am hitting a plateau in my own artistic journey. I’ve started taking painting seriously in 2016 when my life took a sharp turn. It got even more serious as the years progressed…

I will try to keep this short..

I never really had a full meal experience as a fine art student. I only got the appetizer metaphorically speaking because it wasn’t in my interest to study fine art then. By the time when my love and passion for fine art paintings kicked in, it was somewhat too late to go back to school and I had to resort to do most of the self learning. I started out drawing a lot of portraits from magazines when I was in high school and I got so used to copying it as detailed as possible to this day where my approach and technique for drawing automatically became the same for my paintings. I’m speaking of long tedious hours, days and weeks. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with painting realism, I love realism, in fact most of my works are somewhat realistic. But it has hindered me to produce more artworks than I’d like due to the time it takes to complete one realistic painting. That is something I want to change and improve on, desperately.

Also, I really love the result alla prima gives. It’s feels like freedom and a breath of fresh air. Coming from a more realistic approach (which can be very constricting) that I am used to, painting anything using this method can be frustrating (for me), no matter how hard I tried. I’ve attempted alla prima technique with other paintings quite a handful of times but not without feeling like a failure and struggle. Half the time I ended up scraping off the paints from the canvas and found myself switching back to the ways I’m used to.

I want to grow and be better as an artist and I can only do that if I get out from my comfort zone, and that is the reason (one of many that I have actually wrote down to convince myself – a little old school, but who is judging?) why I have decided to do this long overdue painting “homework”.

So how does this work?

I have set a time limit of 1 hour for 1 painting. The aim is to complete one painting a day from start to finish within that hour. If I am not able to finish it, so be it.. if I REALLY like it, I can always finish it at a later time. I can paint anything under the sky that I fancy that day, no limit. That’s it. With this particular painting, I spent too much time on the cup itself and didn’t actually manage to complete the handle of the teaspoon.

So hopefully with this small daily homework, I can learn to enjoy the ride and bumps it gives and adapt it’s natural expressiveness in my own painting works, eventually.. Over time, I will be able to use this blog to track my own progress and thought process as well, and maybe inspire another artist, new/old who has been struggling the same way as I did to try something new.

If you’re still reading this, Wow, thank you for staying. Hope you enjoyed my slightly long winded post. I’ll try to “talk” less and be more straight to the point next time, but this is the first post…I’ve got to set up and tell my side of the story…

Published by MāMA

A self-taught full-time oil painter and illustrator working from home. She dabbles a little in photography on the side. She enjoys people watching and the occasional Netflix marathon.

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