Which Station Did I Stopped At?

In real life, I did stopped at an wrong station before, more than once. But that story was way more exciting than this one..

What supposed to be a rough block in, turned into a some-what rough underpainting. Wrong station, wrong lesson, haha!

The original photo that I was using for this reference was black and white. What I saw in the reference was, WOW, this would be easy because everything was obvious due to the strong contrast of lighting. Surprise! Look what turned out! 😂

As usual, I toned my canvas paper and start roughing out the outlines and then blocking in the large shapes of shadows. Up to this point, I thought “Okay, this is actually going to work!”

And then…..

I pre-mixed some colour skin tone swatches with the intention of laying it loosely with calculative measures, that was when I stopped at the wrong station. I should have just left at Shadow station. But the main thing was that I managed to stop myself before I went too far with it.

So, I will leave this as it is, and maybe one day I will complete the underpainting, and use it as an underpainting study.

With that, I’m going to start over tomorrow with a COLOURED reference so this doesn’t happen again.

Also, I share some happy news… I got a new table portable easel yesterday as a birthday gift. I am currently not in my HOME home (Malaysia) where I have an art studio. I’m currently living temporarily in Croatia where my husband is from, and at our place here, we do not have an extra room to use as a studio. So I have been using our guest’s room study table to do my daily paintings. I brought over a basic and cheap foldable easel to use but it is pretty flimsy and doesn’t give me the right tilt angle to do my daily paintings. I had to use a rock (yes, a rock) to help prop up the stand at a steeper angle.

Before – Cheap & Flimsy. Can you see the rock? 😆
After – the new addition
Comes with adjustable and ample storage space- It has a thin foam padding at the bottom as well.

The name is Liffey Table Box Easel. You can google it, and the reviews has been amazing. Not only it is portable with a nice handle, I can adjust the tilt angle, it has great storage space to store your long brushes, paints, pencils, masking tape, small jars or whatever tools you may use in your painting sessions. I can even work on bigger canvases if I want to (there’s a support bar at the top that you can extend out to hold your canvas). It is made out of good quality wood and very easy on the pocket. It’s solid and durable. You could just tell from touching it. Plus, minimal set-up that requires zero effort.

Today’s painting was done on this easel. It is great! I love working on this easel. The only caveat is that there is no storage space for your palette and your finished small paintings if you are doing plein air. But that is not an issue for me because I paint indoors all the time.

For those are still looking for a top quality, handsome, well made table easel.. look no more and just get this. This is a sweet deal. Even if you do plein air, this is still a pretty sweet deal and worth every cent you pay for.

PS: This is not a paid advertising. I just want to share the good stuff!


Published by MāMA

A self-taught full-time oil painter and illustrator working from home. She dabbles a little in photography on the side. She enjoys people watching and the occasional Netflix marathon.

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