Portrait No.2

Today’s painting is way more successful compared to yesterday’s, at least is on the right track! Colour reference definitely helped. I took a risk for pushing in tight but I’m happy that it turned out alright in the end (although the finished painting does not look like the same person).. Which is okay with me at this point where I am at. Today’s main focus is to try capture the facial and the neck planes and to give as much information as possible.

I still struggle around the eye areas hence she looks asian, that’s what I think at least. I still have plenty of room for improvement, and I look forward to these challenges and developing this new skill to my best ability!

I will attempt another portrait tomorrow with the same focus as today 🙂

Published by MāMA

A self-taught full-time oil painter and illustrator working from home. She dabbles a little in photography on the side. She enjoys people watching and the occasional Netflix marathon.

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