Sleeping or Dead?

Almost forgot to post this one today! I did not paint yesterday, as I was catching up on my larger painting that I am currently working on for a group exhibition, which I will gladly share when it is completed.

So for today’s session, I decided to paint a laying/sleeping pose that is trickier. There’s always something tricky about this pose (besides not making her look dead), I don’t know how to explain.. Proportions tend to skew weird, but perseverance – that’s what we are in this for- To push, strive and make the best we can. Spent about 1 and half hours on this study because Ms Instinct says, “Please, stop!” 😅

She said please because she forgot to use the magic word the first time.

I will start another small portrait study tomorrow, with a different tone coloured background – green! Which I have never tried and have been curious about. So I figured I can use this opportunity to try it. I will probably need two 1 hour sessions for this one, as I will be approaching it in a more “careful” way than I have been this past 2 weeks.

Fingers crossed.

Published by MāMA

A self-taught full-time oil painter and illustrator working from home. She dabbles a little in photography on the side. She enjoys people watching and the occasional Netflix marathon.

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