Not sleeping, Not Dead

Feeling really guilty for not doing my daily paintings!

As per last post, I mentioned that I am currently working on a larger piece for a group exhibition and I have been diligently, spending more hours than usual working on that and trying to do as much as I could so I can finish it before the end of next week.
It’s not so much about rushing but, I feel the longer I spend on a painting, the mood and the passion wears off and that is never good. I have been working on this painting for more than 3 weeks now. I try not to overshoot 4 weeks for large paintings because usually after the 4th week, it starts to get frustrating and that’s when sloppiness sneak their way in. As an artist, we have to respect ourselves. The work we produce (and especially so when it is to be showcased for public viewing) is very important because it reflects back on the artist. The painting is technically your other half, and you definitely want your other half to be representable.

For this particular painting piece that I am currently working on, I have incorporated bit and pieces of this looser approach whenever I can or see fit. So, technically, I am still painting everyday – just on a different project. That is still forgivable in my opinion!

So my daily routine since my last post has been pretty much the same minus the daily painting workouts. Wake up around 8.30am – sometimes 7.30am, have my coffee and straight to the canvas. And I will paint as long as there is day light, which is usually until 5pm max. My session get cuts shorter if it gets gloomy outside.

During the daily painting exercises, I will paint for an hour, and then I’ll move my way onto the larger canvas. So that’s easily 2 – 3 hours gone if you factor in the buffer time from the moment I wake up. And that leaves me 4, sometimes 5 hours if I push it. Now, I get 8 hours without the exercises.

And in the evenings sometimes I’ll draw and do my studies on my sketchbook, watch tutorials or catching up on online lessons. So yes, it’s all about crafting my art, polishing my skills whenever I can now morning till night before my family returns and takes the precedence for a month.

I found some great art e-books that I have downloaded that I will be immersing myself into as well for the coming months once I have finished this large painting. On those days when I can’t find the time to paint, I will do quick dry media studies or monochrome – any other exercises that will hone and further develop the skills that I want to improve on. Anything to keep my hands moving!

Published by MāMA

A self-taught full-time oil painter and illustrator working from home. She dabbles a little in photography on the side. She enjoys people watching and the occasional Netflix marathon.

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