Pot Holder

This piece looked a lot better in my head when I saw the photo. 😅 Loved the complimentary colour combo and the clean lines. This time around, I started out with a pinkish undertone, because feeling “experimentative” is not a crime. I will not rule out this pink tone just yet… I had a hardContinue reading “Pot Holder”

Fool’s Blue

Summer waves to cheer up the gloomy days ahead .. I’ve never painted waves, so this was an interesting experience. It was pretty tricky, got my eyes fooled the whole time. The subtle changes of the waves were the most tricky part. I know it is a bit overworked, but I know I would haveContinue reading “Fool’s Blue”

Just Chillin’

Rainy weather makes me want to just chill and laze around like them. Day 3 got me feeling slightly more confident to tackle 3 different coloured chillies with a plain but still not an easy background (for me). Initially I wanted to paint 5, but that would feel slightly more claustrophobic on a 10cm xContinue reading “Just Chillin’”

Yellow, Nice To Meet You.

Second day of painting started well! Today’s subject is actually my favourite. I knew I wanted to paint this when I started making an idea list of all the subject items that I can try and paint. My first oil painting was actually a pair high heels. It’s still sitting in my home studio, aContinue reading “Yellow, Nice To Meet You.”