The Internet is Your World of Oysters

This little project of mine is starting to become facial studies, in a sense where I have completely stopped painting “random” subjects and gravitating strongly towards portraiture. I’m not going to say that I don’t know where this is coming from, I do. I just did not expect myself to jump into portraiture so soon,Continue reading “The Internet is Your World of Oysters”

Portrait No.2

Today’s painting is way more successful compared to yesterday’s, at least is on the right track! Colour reference definitely helped. I took a risk for pushing in tight but I’m happy that it turned out alright in the end (although the finished painting does not look like the same person).. Which is okay with meContinue reading “Portrait No.2”

Brush Play

Today, I did not use a reference as I am more focused on brush and colour experimentation even though I used the same colour palette as I did yesterday. So this is definitely made up cloud ! First, I toned the paper with a light wash of Ultramarine Blue mixed with Prussian Blue, a touchContinue reading “Brush Play”

1 Percent Better Than Yesterday

Attempted another cloud painting this morning. I approached it in a more systematic way compared to yesterday. It was still unpredictable in a lot of ways.. my background colour kept bleeding into the light edges, not in a good way. Which make me think maybe I will have to paint in the lighter colour first.Continue reading “1 Percent Better Than Yesterday”