Good Old Pins

Day 7 into daily paintings and I am already pushing my own boundaries to bring something as “boring” as clothes pins to look a little more “life-y” than it would in real life. This was definitely a lot harder than I give credit for. Lots of colours and composition was tricky to nail down asContinue reading “Good Old Pins”

Green Hour

A little green hour in the morning. Sun’s out today, so all is well! Feeling optimistic and was looking forward to painting this for a few particular reasons. One being the fact that Green is not my usual colour that I tend to normally use but it is also one of my favourite colours atContinue reading “Green Hour”

Pot Holder

This piece looked a lot better in my head when I saw the photo. 😅 Loved the complimentary colour combo and the clean lines. This time around, I started out with a pinkish undertone, because feeling “experimentative” is not a crime. I will not rule out this pink tone just yet… I had a hardContinue reading “Pot Holder”

Fool’s Blue

Summer waves to cheer up the gloomy days ahead .. I’ve never painted waves, so this was an interesting experience. It was pretty tricky, got my eyes fooled the whole time. The subtle changes of the waves were the most tricky part. I know it is a bit overworked, but I know I would haveContinue reading “Fool’s Blue”