Just Chillin’

Rainy weather makes me want to just chill and laze around like them. Day 3 got me feeling slightly more confident to tackle 3 different coloured chillies with a plain but still not an easy background (for me). Initially I wanted to paint 5, but that would feel slightly more claustrophobic on a 10cm xContinue reading “Just Chillin’”

Yellow, Nice To Meet You.

Second day of painting started well! Today’s subject is actually my favourite. I knew I wanted to paint this when I started making an idea list of all the subject items that I can try and paint. My first oil painting was actually a pair high heels. It’s still sitting in my home studio, aContinue reading “Yellow, Nice To Meet You.”

Anytime Is A Good Time To Start Something

*Before I begin, I have to disclose something of importance… I am far from being a writer. I have plenty of writer friends and I have witnessed their flair and magic. Mine does not even come close. I live and breathe paintings and the whole works, but writing is not one of them. I admit,Continue reading “Anytime Is A Good Time To Start Something”