Which Station Did I Stopped At?

In real life, I did stopped at an wrong station before, more than once. But that story was way more exciting than this one.. What supposed to be a rough block in, turned into a some-what rough underpainting. Wrong station, wrong lesson, haha! The original photo that I was using for this reference was blackContinue reading “Which Station Did I Stopped At?”

Feeling Optimistic For The First Time

After countless of hours of Youtube videos tutorials and grasping all the info, tips, steps etc; this morning, for the first time I truly felt that I was ready enough to give it a go!Only watching and understanding what they are saying is not nearly enough, no matter how good the tutor is. I reallyContinue reading “Feeling Optimistic For The First Time”

Brush Play

Today, I did not use a reference as I am more focused on brush and colour experimentation even though I used the same colour palette as I did yesterday. So this is definitely made up cloud ! First, I toned the paper with a light wash of Ultramarine Blue mixed with Prussian Blue, a touchContinue reading “Brush Play”

1 Percent Better Than Yesterday

Attempted another cloud painting this morning. I approached it in a more systematic way compared to yesterday. It was still unpredictable in a lot of ways.. my background colour kept bleeding into the light edges, not in a good way. Which make me think maybe I will have to paint in the lighter colour first.Continue reading “1 Percent Better Than Yesterday”