Cloudy With A Chance Of F-up

My recent obsession with clouds made me do it. Well here it is. I don’t know how I feel about this. Honestly, alla prima technique is not the easiest, I gave my best in that 1 hour to paint a decent nice looking cloud, and I got a glob of badly painted coloured puffs. NotContinue reading “Cloudy With A Chance Of F-up”

Good Old Pins

Day 7 into daily paintings and I am already pushing my own boundaries to bring something as “boring” as clothes pins to look a little more “life-y” than it would in real life. This was definitely a lot harder than I give credit for. Lots of colours and composition was tricky to nail down asContinue reading “Good Old Pins”

Green Hour

A little green hour in the morning. Sun’s out today, so all is well! Feeling optimistic and was looking forward to painting this for a few particular reasons. One being the fact that Green is not my usual colour that I tend to normally use but it is also one of my favourite colours atContinue reading “Green Hour”

Pot Holder

This piece looked a lot better in my head when I saw the photo. 😅 Loved the complimentary colour combo and the clean lines. This time around, I started out with a pinkish undertone, because feeling “experimentative” is not a crime. I will not rule out this pink tone just yet… I had a hardContinue reading “Pot Holder”